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Packaged Pots and Multi-buys

Please note that the prices detailed below include the price of the pots, packaging and postage charges for delivery in the mainland UK.

One milk cooler inc P&P- (in)- (mm)25.60
One large bread crock inc P&P- (in)- (mm)42.30
One large strawberry pot inc P&P- (in)- (mm)48.00
Two herb pots and glazed saucers inc P&P- (in)- (mm)29.20
Ten auricula pots (any design) inc P&P- (in)- (mm)45.00
Four small alpine pans or bowls inc P&P- (in)- (mm)34.00
One large, one medium and one small alpine pan or bowl inc P&P- (in)- (mm)38.80
Three large wall pots (any design) inc P&P- (in)- (mm)43.20
One rhubarb forcer inc P&P- (in)- (mm)63.00
Five small long toms inc P&P- (in)- (mm)57.20
Five small and five mini long toms inc P&P- (in)- (mm)73.00
Four medium long toms inc P&P- (in)- (mm)74.00